3D Falling Leaves Animated Wallpaper

3D Falling Leaves Animated Wallpaper 1.0

Beautiful and relaxing autumn wallpaper, an excellent aid against routine
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Autumn. The season of the year when mother nature starts getting ready for the cold winter. The season that Earth uses to change its wardrobe, so that after the bad weather it could come to life again.

3D Falling Leaves Animated Wallpaper brings a multicolored Autumn to your screen. This beautiful and relaxing wallpaper will be an excellent aid against the daily routine and your every day troubles.

First of all, you will be in Autumn, the season when all vegetation starts changing colors to different hues of red, orange and yellow. Everything you look at is in one of these colors.
You will be in the middle of some forest, next to a beautiful cottage located on the shore of a small pond. All the trees around you are dropping their brown, range and yellow leaves. In the pond there are some ducks and geese, swimming very slowly on the water. Once in a while, one of them appears on one side and flies to the pond, landing slowly and gracefully.
On the other side of the pond a deer shows up. Similarly, he moves slowly and with confidence. There is nothing around that can upset animals or humans alike. The scene is pure tranquility. After a short while, you will probably even start to listen to the wind and the leaves falling.
3D Falling Leaves Animated Wallpaper will help you forget about stress at the office. Whenever you feel you are about to explode, just minimize your applications and relax watching this gorgeous wallpaper. You will immediately feel that your mind is letting problems subside for a while.

Fernando Soni
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